In order to write an effective novel or short story, you first need a good enough plot. If you just write out a bunch of words and string them together, no one will actually take interest. Now, the key to making a good plot is quite simple. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your plot make sense?
  • Does everything flow together?
  • Are there any plot holes?
  • Does your plot hold together until the last chapter?
  • Does your plot hook the reader?
  • Is your plot entertaining enough?

It's best if you bring a few people in on this, because you first need people to read your work, in order to know if your plot is entertaining, or hooks the reader. Not just your family and friends, find someone distant, someone who isn't going to lie in order to make you feel better.

Moving on... If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then you have an effective plot in the making.

Another piece of advice I have for you, is this: Lead by example, and learn from those before you. Pick up one of your favorite books, analyze the main plot and the subtle sub-plots, but don't copy them. Figure out a way to make their writing your own. It's okay to gather ideas from those you love, but don't copy their plot, and then slap your name on the front of it.

Even if the first few stories or novels you write don't work out plot wise, that's okay! Just try, try, try again, until you get it right. I can't count how many stories and novels I've thrown away, but have I given up? No, because I know who I am and I know what I want, and someday, I will see my own novels on the shelves of my favorite book stores around the world.

I'd like to add one more thing, because I've seen a lot of people make this mistake.

The fail on plot and then they give up.


If you fail, that's okay, because the only way someone gets great at something, is if they fail a few times along the way. Please, never give up on something you're passionate about, because the world needs more talent, and you could be that talent.

Written by, CreepyMePasta