These are general guidelines and rules for Message walls. When leaving a message to someone, particularly admins for any reason, please follow the guidelines and rules below.

General Guidelines

  • Please leave a new section headline for new topics. This prevents things from getting generally messy.
  • Leave a signature beside your message using 4 tildes (~). Like this: ~~~~
  • When replying to a particular message, leave a colon (:) in front of it. This will indent your message and cause less mess.


  • Being offensive and insulting has little effect on us. Don't come ranting. It will result in a one day block.
  • Do NOT alter message wall messages that are not yours, under any circumstances.
  • Do not remove messages from your message wall, with the exception of the automated Welcome message. ESPECIALLY not messages from administrators or warnings.
  • You may not remove or blank your message wall. You can archive it when it gets too long, but it is still a public record, not a private messaging system.