The Blog Rules

  1. Don't write spam blogs just to earn a badge. Blogs with one word like: "Hey" or one sentence like: "I love writing!" are counted as spam blogs and will be deleted. Too many spam blogs will result in a block from editing.
  2. Do not write your stories in the blogs, as that is not what the blogs are for.
  3. Do not categorize your blog. It automatically gets put in the Blog Posts category when created, so there is no need to add another category.

The Blogs Are For...

  1. Introducing yourself to the community after signing up.
  2. Sharing your personal interests and experiences, or your opinion on different things.
  3. Getting the opinions of the community on your most recent story idea, or see how people feel on certain issues.
  4. Asking for people to vote on a suggestion having to do with the wiki itself.